1. Here are the results of a deep and fierce dedication, a love bigger than a love affair, a commitment is set for life. Inez Moro, over years of intense study and playful experimentation, has made beauty her business.
    In an age where technology makes photography both easy and too easy, Inez’s secret is soul. Youth and passion make a potent combination, and majoring as a Photography student in DLSU-CSB helped fuel the dream. Inez shot with hunger, gamely climbing mountains and donning costumes. Her time in college produced an expanse of work: from dreamy short films to stunning pre-nups, and Inez proved herself capable across genres.

    Inez began to specialize in fashion photography. She discovered that her favorite subjects were people, and with her camera, she could hold up a mirror to them in which they would look nothing like themselves. There was an unparalleled satisfaction in owning a bit of her models’ beauty for that brief time between shoot and release.

    Inez also dabbles in digital artwork, tracing her own photographs in a manner that brings them even closer to her.
    Talent attracts talent, and over time and amongst friends, Inez built a team of inventive youths— Joey Alvero, her light director; Carla Villanueva, her stylist and production designer; Mark Familara, her hair stylist; Chiara Daez, Andy Tonda, Ana Paredes, and the many other make up artists she’s worked with. Each one remarkable in their chosen field.
    People used to believe that when they were photographed, the camera’s black box would steal their souls. Inez’s secret to her photography is having more than enough soul to go around, and that’s what makes her an unstoppable force.
    Written by Petra Magno
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